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Ecommerce Software Products

Ecommerce Software that fits your budget.

Our ecommerce software applications and suites are designed to meet your business needs with ease of use, scalability, and most especially, affordability. Our on-demand, hosted applications allow you to add advanced ecommerce functionality to your website using simple HTML links and forms with nothing to install, nothing to download, and never a setup fee. We offer a range of hosted, on-demand ecommerce software to help you grow your online presence and sales without deploying and managing an IT infrastructure or in-house software.

Using our flexible software customization ability, you can deliver your own fully branded, online customer experience with ease. And all of our applications allow you to create your own custom page headers, footers, and wallpaper. And by employing simple cascading style sheets, virtually every element on every page can be customized to look and feel like the rest of your website.

Powerful administration systems help you manage your online catalog, ecommerce system, bridal/gift registries, customer accounts, link exchange, and mailing list with point-and-click efficiency. To handle your future growth needs, our underlying architecture ensures that our applications will scale up as your business needs grow and change.

Our integrated ecommerce suites help you increase revenue and customer loyalty as well as lowering service and sales costs. They also help you reduce the cost of ownership through an ecommerce software platform that scales up as your needs grow.

Sign up today for a free test drive of any of our ecommerce software or contact us to learn more about how our ecommerce software can help you meet your needs at a price that won't break the bank.

Hosted Software

CustomCart™ Shopping Cart Software
Since 1996, our shopping cart software has served the needs of ecommerce retailers with a solution that can be added to any web site using standard HTML forms and links. It works with 10 different credit card payment gateways including AuthorizeNet, First Data, PayPal, and many more for fully secure checkout and it is managed with our online administrator for "point and click" ease of use. Business Intelligence Dashboard reporting gives you all the information you need to manage your sales. Be sure to visit for more information.

Registry Valet ® Gift Registry Software
Imagine web-based software which allows online retailers to establish an event-based registry system for their customers' anniversaries, weddings or other special events, or an onging wish list quickly and easily using simple HTML forms and our web-based, icon-driven, management system. We've got you covered.

Adding a gift registry to your existing ecommerce site helps to increase sales and drive more customers to you! Our software works with virtually ANY ecommerce system.

AgenneCRM™ Customer Relationship Management
AgenneCRM™ gives you the ability to manage your customers accounts, whether it is a consumer account so that checking out through the shopping cart is faster and more convenient, or a wholesale account for a retailer to buy from you at wholesale prices, or any type of customer account you wish to setup. With unlimited account types, you can decide how you want your business to work online.

Links Valet™ Link Exchange Management Software
Harness the power of connections with Links Valet link exchange management software.

Exchanging links with other websites increases the traffic to your site and improves your search engine ranking.

Agenne View™ Online Catalog Software
Engage your customers with a beautiful and easy-to-manage online catalog of your items. Items & categories can be added, edited, and deleted with ease.

Agenne View's Smart Search system helps your customers find the items they want to buy quickly and easily thanks to its predictive engine which creates a list of search term suggestions as they type into the search field.

Mailing List Manager
If your business needs the ability to collect and manage your customer's email addresses, look no further than Mailing List Manager. Using simple HTML code, you can add a mailng list signup form to your web site either as a standalone page or embedded in one of your site's pages. With our web-based, icon-driven administrator, you have complete control to add, edit, and delete email addresses in your list. And it's about more than just email addresses! Using Mailing List Manager, you can ask your customers for their physical address, phone number, fax, and more.

Integrated Ecommerce Software Suites

Agenne GiftSuite
GiftSuite is our flagship suite of integrated hosted applications which includes CustomCart, Registry Valet, and View. Using this powerful combination, your site can have a sophisticated web catalog, a full featured, secure shopping cart, and an easy-to-use gift registry or ongoing wish list. Adding a gift registry to an exsting ecommerce site helps increase sales and drive more buyers to your site!

Agenne CommerceSuite
CommerceSuite is an integrated suite of CustomCart and View. CommerceSuite combines the sophistication of powerful product management & shopping cart functionality with the simplicity of simple setup and administration. Our business intelligence dashboard will keep you up-to-date and in touch with your products and customers. Seamless integration allows you to quickly and easily create a stunning catalog and secure shopping cart with full administration of both in a single, browser-based system.

Advanced Products & Technologies

The AgenneBridgeâ„¢ Secure Document Transfer Suite is a secure, HIPAA-Compliant method of transmitting documents. AgenneBridgeâ„¢ provides high-volume document transfer capability using little more than an internet connection, avoiding the technical and budgetary issues associated with fax lines, as well as the compliance problems associated with transferring confidential data via unsecured email or consumer box file sharing solutions.

AgenneSentinel™ Anti-Spam Technology
AgenneSentinel Anti-Spam Technology is designed to protect Agenne ecommerce software forms from robot- and human-generated spam using a multi-layered strategy to identify and quarantine spam form entries.

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