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AgenneCRM™ Customer Relationship Management
Managing your customers can be a full-time job in itself. AgenneCRM™ helps make working with your customers easier, faster, and more profitable.

AgenneCRM™ provides your customers the ability to create an account with you, whether it is a consumer account so that checking out through the shopping cart is faster and more convenient, or a wholesale account for a retailer to buy from you at wholesale prices, or any type of customer account you wish to setup. With unlimited customer account types, you can decide how you want your business to work online.

Once an account is setup, your customers can sign in and perform a number of operations:

  • View Open Orders
  • View Complete Order History
  • View Order Tracking Information
  • Create Multiple Gift Registries or Wish Lists (if Registry Valet is installed)
  • Create and Manage an Address Book of shipping addresses
  • Manage Account Information

As the merchant, you have the ability to:

Approve and de-approve customer account requests.

Define unlimited customer account types and specify whether the account type requires your approval for activation. For example, "consumer" accounts which are created at the time of checkout would be active immediately while other account types can remain inactive until you approve them.

Export customer data in 4 different formats:

  • Excel (.xls)
  • Excel (.xml)
  • CSV (.csv)
  • JSON (.json)
Define your own custom data fields that are included in the filtering system.

View Customer Order History with order billing & shipping address editing capability.

Manage customer orders from the CRM main screen using features such as Cancel/Un-Cancel, Delete, and the ability to open the order in the Order Processing system with 1 click.

View Gift Registry / Wish List history and registered item viewing.

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