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Going Live with one or more Agenne Ecommerce Software Applications

While in test mode, all of our ecommerce software applications have a limitation which is removed when the software is taken "live". But all features and functions are available. For example, CustomCart's limitation is that merchants can only process test transactions. In the case of Registry Valet, only 3 registries (or wish lists) can be created while in test mode.

There are no additional features or functionality added when an application goes live, only the removal of the limitation. Please make sure that you are ready to go live before completing this tutorial.

To go "live", sign in to the administrator and click the "Manage Agenne Applications" icon in the Account Administration panel.

On the next page, check all of the checkboxes. Depending upon which application you are using, you may have between 1 and 4 checkboxes. It is usually best to go live with all of your applications at the same time.

This will take you to the secure page where you enter your credit card information:

When you have entered all of the requested information, click the "Submit Card Information" button.

You have successfully completed integrating your web site with Agenne Ecommerce Software!

If you have just gone live with CustomCart, GiftSuite, CommerceSuite, or ComboSuite, you will also need to set your payment gateway to live mode. To put your selected payment gateway into live mode, go to Cart Settings in the Shopping Cart Management panel. Scroll down to the Payment Gateways section and change the "Mode" dropdown from "Test" to "Live" as shown in this screen shot. Be sure to change only the mode setting for your selected gateway. This screen shot merely shows the mode dropdown for each payment gateway.

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