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STEP FIVE: Shopping Cart System Setup

Return to the main menu and click the Shopping Cart Settings icon in the Shopping Cart Managment panel.

This will take you to the Shipping Charge Selection page. Here you see a choice of 10 different shipping charge models. Each model is a mathematical system of calculating the amount to charge the customer for shipping. Some of the models are quite complex while others are extremely simple. No matter what type of products you sell, GiftSuite has a shipping charge model which will work well for you. Notice that each shipping model has a description which will help you decide which one is best for your business.

Should you need any additional assistance with selecting or setting up your shipping charge model, please call Support at (919) 477-2100.

The page shown below is where you select your shipping charge model for shipping within the United States. You may setup independent shipping charge models for Canada and for all other countries (other than the US and Canada) by clicking the Canadian Shipping Settings icon or International Shipping Settings icon in the left menu. In addition, you can lock out states that you don't ship to. For example, some merchants do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. If you do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, you may also add a shipping surcharge to cover additional shipping costs by clicking the Rate Overrides icon in the left menu and setting up a surcharge.

To select a model, click the radio button (the small white circle) next to the shipping charge model you wish to use. You may change your shipping model at any time and you may change the rates that you charge within each model at any time. Once you have selected a shipping model, you will be taken to the settings page for that model. Most of the shipping charge models in GiftSuite support up to 5 service levels. A service level is defined as a shipping service which you might think of as shipping speed. For example, various shipping companies offer Ground Shipping, 3 Day Air, Second Day Air, Standard Overnight, and Next Business Morning services. Each of these is a service level, so in the case we show below, we use these 5 shipping serivces as an example.

TIP: It is not necessary to fill in all 5 service levels. You may wish to offer only one or two service levels, which is just fine.

Cart Page Options and Ecommerce Settings
There are many settings which affect the operation of GiftSuite's cart system. To begin, you should set the following:
  • Your state for sales tax collection
  • Your state's sales tax rate
  • Verify the confirmation email return address. This is the reply-to email address that will be used for sending the confirmation email to your customer
  • Various optional and required fields in the checkout form such as the customer's phone number and email address

Payment Gateways & Credit Card Setup
GiftSuite supports a variety of credit card processors. Most require a credit card merchant account. If, you do not have a credit card merchant account, you can still use PayPal as your credit card processor and no merchant account is required.

The first thing to do is select your payment gateway by dropping down the list marked "Payment Gateway" and clicking on your chosen gateway.

Next, fill in the required information for your gateway. In the case of AuthorizeNet, you will see a block marked "AuthorizeNet Merchant ID. This field is only for clients using an older version of AuthorizeNet's system. Most merchants will leave this field blank. Do fill in the Transaction ID and the API Login fields. Be sure that you get the correct information in the fields - reversing them will cause an error when you try to authorize a card.

NOTE: While in test mode, the "Mode" field is locked into Test. Once you "go live" with GiftSuite, you can change this to "Live" or back to "Test" at any time.

Once you have typed your credit card processor account information into the correct fields on the settings page, click "Update Settings" at the bottom of the page.

Custom Text Blocks
At the bottom of the settings page there are four text blocks. Each block of text appears on a different page in the checkout process. You may include your own text on these pages. These text blocks will also accept HTML code so you can make some text bold, italic, different colors and sizes and so forth.

Want to display graphics?
If you want to add your own graphics to the custom text blocks, just use the HTML image tag <img>. The trick is that the images must be hosted where your web site is hosted, so the full URL to the image must be used in the SRC parameter of the tag like this:

<img src="">

Including an image tag similar to this in your custom text block will allow you to include any images you want.

STEP SIX: Customization