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Proactive Search Engine Optimization

CommerceSuite is so advanced, it actually tells you when you have items in your online catalog that are not setup correctly for search engine optimization! From the moment you sign in to the administrator, if there are any search engine optimization issues with any item in your online catalog, CommerceSuite alerts you and gives you a direct link to the Item Master Edit List. From there, you can edit the item or visit the Item Manager to edit it.

The Item Master Edit List shows you every item in your online catalog all in one list. From here, you can do a "Quick Edit" of many of the fields that make up the item's listing in the catalog, or you can click the edit icon and go directly to the full editing screen for the item. In the Item Master Edit List, any item with missing or incorrect information that would cause a problem for search engine optimization is highlighted in red as you can see below:

This built-in SEO intelligence helps make sure that your online catalog pages rank as high as possible in all of the search engines. The Item Manager highlights items that have incorrect or missing SEO information. In the image below, you see fields that are highlighted in red. This indicates that there is a problem with missing or incorrect information.

When you double-click an item in the list, it will tell you exactly which fields need attention. Active Search Engine Optimization helps make sure that your catalog pages rank as high as possible in the search engines!

So, you have done all of the search engine optimization and made sure that each item is just right, how do you know it is working? With our Google Search Intelligence report, of course. This report shows, in real time, the search terms that shoppers have typed into Google and then clicked and viewed one of your catalog pages. With daily click-through totals, you can see not only the search terms that connect with your catalog pages, you can see when the shopper clicked through to your page, and what page of the search results your link appeared on. This kind of information is invaluable to getting more traffic to your site and more sales!

As you can see, CommerceSuite's advanced Search Engine Optimization features will help make sure that your sales take off!

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