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CommerceSuite Ecommerce Software

Advanced Ecommerce Features to Support Your Dreams

Seamless Integration

CommerceSuite is designed to be so completely customizable that it integrates seamlessly with your web site. And remember, if you do not have a web site, we can help you set one up and host it starting at just $9 per month.

Start simple with just your logo and basic page alignment or go all out with our advanced custom HTML page headers & footers, CSS Styles, background wallpaper, page color, page width and more!

You can even customize the catalog's default URL using a sub-domain. Don't worry if you don't know what that is. We can help you set one up free of charge.

Accept Credit Cards in Realtime

Our system works with 16 major credit card processing gateways and setting them up in the system administrator is as easy as copy and paste.
  • ACH Direct
  • Authorize.Net
  • Elavon
  • First Data
  • Global Payments
  • Innovative Merchant Solutions
  • JetPay
  • Paymentech
  • PayPal PayFlow Pro
  • PayPal Website Payments Std
  • Sage Payment Solutions
  • Stripe
  • TransFirst
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions
  • USA ePay
  • Vista Processing
  • X-Charge

Purchase Orders & C.O.D. Orders

In addition to accepting credit cards, you may also offer ordering via Purchase Order or C.O.D. Payment types are easily changed within the system administrator.

Easy HTML Setup

Simple HTML forms and links are all that is required to add this powerful ecommerce software to your website. The code generator will automatically create the HTML that you need to copy and paste into the pages of your site. Setting up the software to work with your ecommerce website is a snap! The CartLinks (small HTML forms that submit a transation to the ecommerce system) are created automatically by the product display page.

Web-Based Icon-Driven System Administrator

CommerceSuite's web-based system administrator is easy and intuitive to use. It's as easy as drag-and-drop to copy items, move items, change item sort order, and more! Bulk item copying or moving is accomplished the same way - just select all of the items you need to move or copy and drag them to where they need to be - it's a snap! And you get a full Business Intelligence Dashboard in the administrator to track your sales and do advanced reporting. Also included is full order processing, tracking, and shipping functions. Even partially shipped orders are carefully tracked. Each order can have as many internal notes (such as phone call tracking or other information) as you need.

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Proactive Search Engine Optimization

CommerceSuite is so advanced, it actually tells you when you have items in your online catalog that are not setup correctly for search engine optimization! From the moment you sign in to the administrator, if there are any search engine optimization issues with any item in your online catalog, CommerceSuite alerts you and gives you a direct link to the Item Master Edit List.

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Tweet it! Pin it! Like it! GooglePlus it! Get Social!

Allow your customers to connect to your catalog pages using their favorite social media! With just a few clicks in the system administrator, you can turn on any or all of the supported social media buttons plus our "Send" feature which sends a link, item image, and item description to anyone your customer's wish.

Advanced Smart Search

If your customers can not find the items they want to buy in your catalog, they will go somewhere else. This is why we developed our Smart Search system. Smart Search can be configured to present automatic search term suggestions which it has learned over time from your customers' search habits. Using both a TypeAhead feature within the form field and a drop-down list of additional suggestions, Smart Search can present relevant terms to your customers as they type.

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"How Did You Hear About Us?" Tracking

One of the most important aspects of marketing is knowing how your customers found you, whether by a search engine, word of mouth, social media, or a specific promotion. CommerceSuite allows you to ask for this information when your customers are checking out through the shopping cart. You can create a list of specific choices that your customers can choose from or you can give them a text field that they can type anything they wish into. By knowing how your customers found your site, you can greatly increase your targeted marketing and therefore, your sales.

Unlimited Item Options

Do you sell items that come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes or other options? Our ecommerce software is fully capable of handling those for you. You can define as many different options as you like for each item and the options can have as many choices as you need. For example, an option might be "Color" and it's choices might be "Red", "Blue", "Yellow" and many more - no limits here!

Unlimited Personalization Options

Do you sell items that can be personalized such as engraveable items, custom colors, or other personalizations? The advanced item options system also allows you to specify personalization options so special anniversary items can be engraved or special printing can be specified during checkout.

Quantity Discounts

If you offer discounted pricing for buying larger quantities of some or all of the items in your catalog, our system is ready to help with unlimited quantity discount tiers with both "Dollar Off" and "Percentage Off" options.

Product Reviews

Your customers can submit reviews of the items that you sell and you can choose to publish them, delete them, or even edit them as needed. And the product review form is protected by our exclusive AgenneSentinel Anti-Spam Technology to prevent spam form entries which saves you time and effort!

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Create promotional codes (sometimes called "Coupon Codes") that you can give to your customers for a special discount. The system supports both "Dollar Off" and "Percentage Off" codes. What a great way to stimulate sales! You can also specify discounts based on the customer's order total (Get a discount for orders over $100, for example).

Related Items, Related Categories, Related Files, and Related Links

CommerceSuite includes high-end features such as the ability to relate various categories to one another. When someone is shopping in one part of your catalog, they can quickly move to a related category based on relationships that you have defined. The same is true for items. You can setup virtual "collections" using related items and relationships can be one-way or two-way.

Do you sell items where you need to post additionial information such as downloadable PDF files or links to online documentation? Just upload the PDFs (or Word .doc files) and/ or specify the online links when setting up or editing an item - simple!

Shipping Charge Flexibility

The ecommerce system supports ten different shipping charge models to ensure that our systems works your way and not the other way around. Most of the shippng models support up to 5 customizable service levels such as ground shipping, 3-day air, 2nd day air, and more. In addition, shipping overrides allow you to offer such sales incentives as free shipping on orders over a dollar amount you specify. You may even create promotional codes to give to certain customers for discounts on their orders.

In addition, shipping surcharges can be added to any large or heavy items to offset their shipment cost.

Easy to Customize

CommerceSuite can be easily customized to match your web site's look and feel thanks to Cascading Style Sheets and custom page headers and footers. Every button and link in both the catalog and cart can be controlled by simply setting the style within the custom HTML page header. Create your own HTML headers and footers to customize the look of your catalog and shopping cart. Both the shopping cart and the product catalog can have their own individual look, but for consistency, it is always better to make the ecommerce software match your website as closely as possible.

Streamlined Checkout Process

The streamliined checkout process makes completing an order a breeze! Custom text blocks on every page allow you to give your customers any information you wish as they place their orders with you. Advanced features of the checkout pages include optional gift wrapping choices, special instructions block, the ability to specify that they will pick up their order at your store instead of shipping it. All part of our complete ecommerce solution!

Both Taxable & Non-Taxable Items

You may sell services or educational classes which are not taxable. Your customers can mix and match taxable and non-taxable items in their shopping cart and sales tax will still be correctly calculated. In some states (such as Florida), you are required to charge sales tax on shipping charges. You can specify that shipping charges are taxable in the system administrator.

B2B Sales with Tax Exemption Option

Do you sell to other businesses? If so, our software can accommodate your customers with a tax exemption option.

"Sold in Sets of" Functionality

Sometimes, you may have the need to sell items in sets, but price them individually. In these cases, you can specify the "Sold in Sets Of" quantity. When a shopper adds the item to thier cart, it will charge the items individually, but only allow sale quantities in multiples of the quantity you specify. For example, if you sell an item only in quantities of 4, when a shopper adds the item to their cart, they will only be able to change the quantity in multiples of 4.

Google Analytics and Google Adwords Integration

You can copy and paste your Google Adwords and Google Analytics code right into the system administrator for advanced sales conversion tracking with Google's system.

Multiple Currency Support

Your items can be priced in Dollars (US, Canadian, Australian), British Pounds, or Euros for international sales support.

Scalable Performance

CommerceSuite's underlying architecture is designed to scale up as your business needs grow and change. No matter how many categories and products and regardless of the number of visitors to your site, CommerceSuite ecommerce software has the scalable power to deliver.

We use industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure data integrity and secure checkout. Our ecommerce systems exceed industry standards for the protection of credit card data. Security features include the encryption of sensitive data transactions, secure firewalls, and our systems do not store credit card data, but pass it via secure channel to the credit card transaction gateway.

Unlimited Free Technical Assistance

Unlike most other internet technology companies, we do not leave you out in the cold. If you need help setting up or using our applications, we are here with free and unlimited technical assistance.

FREE Test Drive!

Sign up today and take as much time as you like to setup and test CommerceSuite ecommerce software with your site. When you sign up, the software is in "Test Mode" and operates completely free of charge until you switch to "Live Mode" (a quick and easy process). You may keep CommerceSuite in "Test Mode" for as long as you like - no limits here!

To start your free test drive, just click the "Start Test Drive" button on the right side of this page. Start your free test drive today!

There is no contract, no obligation, and you may cancel your service at any time. There are no transaction fees, no setup fee, no hidden fees - ever.

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